Education Consulting

Having successfully conducted several international student recruiting tours in India/UAE for our clients, based on a burgeoning demand and constantly changing market dynamics, ICE has ventured into yet another exciting and dynamic area.


ICE’s Consulting Division attempts to address the needs of North American universities and educational partners worldwide. ICE will act as a catalyst by interfacing with partners worldwide to deliver educational programs, foster agent-university relationships, facilitate collaborations, establish campuses, promote educational networks and serve as a full service solution for Universities & Colleges and partners worldwide.


ICE’s recruiting fairs have already facilitated hundreds of face-to-face meetings in India & UAE for students to discuss their career plans with recruiters. Previous events have been attended by thousands of students resulting in increased enrolments for tour participants.


We are a young and dynamic organization with visionary thinking and our phenomenal growth has already generated tremendous momentum among leading international educational institutions.


Moreover, as governments and universities evolve and change, so do their mandates, priorities and key personnel. ICE keeps on top of bureaucratic changes and nuances so you don’t have to.


ICE has a presence in Toronto, Dubai and Mumbai.

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