CARE – Process

CARE is a three-step, inclusive process. Apply today to find out if you are eligible to become a CARE Member (CARE eligibility criteria). Click here and apply today.


Apply today and receive a FREE Application Pre-Screening

  • 1) Review our membership eligibility criteria to find out if you are eligible to join Agents.CARE.
  • 2) Complete the brief Application Form (provide references & discuss membership needs) and submit the Application Fee ($250). Agents.CARE will perform a background & reference check.
  • 3) Agency pays the Membership Fee ($2400 for a 1-yr period) and completes the 10-minute Agent Questionnaire.

Agents.CARE also consults the Membership Committee as to the candidate agent’s compliance with the CARE Terms and Conditions.

About CARE

CARE is a simple, inclusive process that:

  • • Strategically positions agents in an increasingly fierce and competitive international environment
  • • Provides them the resources to succeed in Canada’s international education sector
  • • Promotes ethical student recruitment by encouraging agents to evaluate their business practice and recognizes them for their efforts
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