CARE – Introduction

CARE is a simple three-step, inclusive process that:

  • • Strategically positions agents in an increasingly fierce and competitive international environment
  • • Provides them the resources to succeed in Canada’s international education sector
  • • Promotes ethical student recruitment by encouraging agents to evaluate their business practice and recognizes them for their efforts

Student Recruitment Sector Snapshot

Globally, student interest in post-secondary education is increasing at the same time as Canadian community colleges and universities are seeking greater internationalization and showing a keen interest to seek foreign students and partnerships around the globe. The time is therefore right to forge closer links between Canadian institutions and their foreign counterparts, both in the area of student recruitment and also in forging partnerships, affiliations, joint programming and facilitating an exchange of faculty & scholars.

Students, Canadian academic institutions, visa offices and Canadian government bodies look for trusted agents recognized by their peers. Universities are keen to employ agents who can be trusted to uphold their image and will represent them honestly and efficiently.

The CARE Standards represent transparency, ability and experience, by becoming an Agents.CARE Member, you add your voice to the across-the board support for ethical student recruitment and gain exposure among key education players. Agents.CARE aims to expand our members’ business prospects in Canada while promoting corporate social responsibility.

CARE is supported by Canadian academic institutions across Canada and is poised to soon become the benchmark & establish standards for counselors and agents promoting Canadian education globally.

Need for CARE

  • • Regulation for the burgeoning education agency / consulting sector in Canada
  • • Need for a consolidated database of ‘Agents & Consultants’
  • • Map the potential from different ‘Agents & Consultants’ to measure ROI from different referral sources
  • • Increase accountability and responsibility of ‘Agents & Consultants’ towards students and Institutions they represent
  • • Safeguard against deceptive and questionable activities & helps protect students

As a CARE Member, you will:

  • • Promote ethical student recruitment
  • • Gain exposure among key players
  • • Enjoy opportunities for involvement at signature events
  • • Gain access to valuable resources
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