CARE – Benefits

Detailed Membership Benefits Include

• After receiving feedback from academic institutions across Canada, Agent Members will be recognized on the our website for their record of engagement with Canadian Academic Institutions.This gives Canadian academic institutions the means to conduct peer-reviews of education agents and solidifies & publicizes CARE Members’ commitment to ethical and quality student recruitment.

• Spotlight Interviews: We will conduct and record interviews with members online in an effort to highlight the qualities that make each agency stand out. We will then promote these agencies to reputed Colleges & Universities across Canada.

• Use of CARE logo on website, business cards, letterheads, publications

• Display of CARE – Recognized Membership Certificate and Membership Statement on your publication/marketing initiatives

• Listed as a recognized CARE agent on our website (with a dynamic profile linking to your services) and social networking platforms

• Greater visibility and recognition by academic and government institutions in both Canada and internationally

• Access to seminars organized in one or more major cities

• Access to and exposure at networking events

• Personalized assistance & insights in growing your network of reputable Canadian institutions & other on the ground support Agents.CARE is able to provide to assist in student recruitment

Benefits of CARE for Agents

• Acquire a recognized document to validate their Organization’s willingness and continual effort to improve their services and the role they play in guiding students in the right direction

• Increase awareness about the different education options as well as types of courses and institutions in Canada by attending regular training sessions and networking opportunities

• Remain informed about the latest developments and receive regular updates in Canada’s burgeoning international education sector

Students, Canadian academic institutions, visa offices and Canadian government bodies look for trusted agents recognized by their peers. Universities are keen to employ agents who can be trusted to uphold their image and will represent them honestly and efficiently.

The CARE Standards represent transparency, ability and experience, by becoming an Agent Member, you add your voice to the across-the board support for ethical student recruitment and gain exposure among key education players. CARE is the only one of its kind operating exclusively in the burgeoning Canada-India education corridor and aims to expand our agents’ business prospects in Canada.

Benefits of CARE for Country Partners

Membership as a Country Partner is $12,000 CAD per year and is to be renewed at the beginning of each calendar year. Country Partners act as gatekeepers and future Agent Members will be associated with our organization through them. Benefits of Country Partner Membership include:

• Country Partners are responsible for Agent Members they enroll and can charge a fee of $2,400 CAD or equivalent to these members. Each Country Partner is entitled to 100% of the fees received from their first five Agent Members and 50% of the fees from every additional member enrolled

• A round-trip ticket to Canada for one

• Reserved appointments with select Canadian colleges and universities

• Invitation to speak at partner organization events to provide updates for their respective country

• Opportunity to have a showcase video of themselves being hosted by Agents.CARE through the Canada India Education Council

• Recognition of being a lead partner and in charge of new members from their country

Benefits of CARE for Educational Institutions

• Saves cost and valuable time by ‘pooling resources’ for Institutions

• Improve efficiency within the recruiting process

• Greater exposure of the Institution to the international market with quality Agents & Consultants

• Increased accountability and introduction of ‘new’ agents by providing web links & guidance

• Global database covering agents & counselors in around the world

• Increased awareness about the different types of courses and institutions in Canada

• Empowering students to make informed decisions and a source of assurance for parents

• Canadian institutions can better understand student trends and ability and adapt their marketing and promotional activities accordingly

• Better students = Better results = Better retention = Better reputation

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