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Based on principles of strategic and penetrated marketing, the ‘unFAIR’ concept is exactly what a typical student recruiting fair is NOT. A recruiting fair involves drawing students or ‘souvenir hunters’ to an expensive banquet room in a luxury hotel, at times creating a ‘busy’ feeling. Having organized such fairs for a number of years and after listening to our clients, we created the “unFAIR” concept which is far more penetrative & targeted in terms of providing specific recruiting solutions. The “unFAIR” reverses the traditional recruiting fair and instead empowers the recruiters to visit strategically selected high schools & junior colleges to interact and engage directly with students, meet guidance counselors and possibly parents of students in a relaxed ‘town hall style’ environment to discuss career goals & how to get there.


‘unFAIR’ is distinctly different because:

  • Less glamour, more results. Rather than waiting for students to drop by your table at a fair, recruiters instead visit & meet with students in a more relaxed and less ‘pressure’ environment.
  • Ideal for seasoned recruiters to strategically penetrate the Indian market and are familiar with local market conditions.
  • Meet Guidance counselors and build strategic relations with key influencers. Meet local centers of influence and build a network of strategic contacts. Over time, develop less dependence on agents to ‘provide’ students.



The unFAIR is more targeted and penetrative leading to greater efficiencies than a Fair because:

  • Wider ‘target’ audience: Meet ‘undecided’ students and provide information on the benefits of studying in Canada. This gives the schools access to a huge section of potential students, which would otherwise NOT have attended a recruiting fair.
  • Stretch your ‘marketing budget’: Eliminate the huge costs associates with fairs such as media & advertising, banquet room rental and cost of manpower required to setup and manage the fairs. At an ‘unFAIR’, there is NO need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising in mass media, NO need to rent a banquet room and NO manpower costs associated with staging a fair.
  • Scheduling made easy: Since students will definitely (most of them at least) be in class during school days, bringing the recruiters to them eliminates potential “scheduling clashes” for students who may not be able to attend a recruiting fair on a particular day.
  • Targeted locations: Avoid the ‘hit & miss’ approach of typical recruiting fairs. By visiting the institutions directly, students don’t have to travel long distances to get to the venue and makes it far more convenient for potential students to meet recruiters.
  • Easier distribution of collateral materials: NO crowd fluctuations since it is generally known how many students will be in classes on any given day.


Advantages of ‘unFAIR’ to students:

  • Students will learn about the opportunities in a familiar classroom setting.
  • Students save time and money, since they don’t have to travel to an education fair while it costs them nothing to simply be present in class.
  • Interested students do NOT have to search for schools that will accept them. ‘unFAIR’ brings the schools to them.


Advantage of the ‘unFAIR’ for the Indian Schools/Colleges:

  • Visiting delegations are good for the general image of the local school and is seen as a place that tends to attract bright & dedicated students.
  • Demonstrates that the local school is genuinely concerned about the student’s overall career growth by presenting respectable higher education choices.



The university and college representatives will visit Mumbai, Pune & Delhi in India with Dubai optional on the return. There is NO additional cost to attend Dubai. Local institutions chosen have a tendency and history of sending volumes of students overseas, tend to be financially independent and are seeking International linkages, partnerships and affiliations.



The ‘unFAIR’ tours are designed to attract professional recruiters who are focused on results rather than glamour, are budget conscious, focused on student needs and adapting to developing trends in recruiting patterns internationally. It is geared toward bringing only a handful of select recruiters from Canadian Colleges & Universities.



unFAIR will take place from the 2nd of February (Tuesday) to the 11th of February (Thursday), 2010