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As outlined in the terms and conditions, Agents.CARE accepts agencies who have not engaged in fraudulent behaviour or misrepresentation and can provide 3 academic references (Canadian institutions preferred but not mandatory). Your CARE Application will be processed within 5 business days. By submitting your application, you indicate you understand the Agents.CARE application process and agree with all Agent Membership Terms & Conditions, which can be found at:

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Academic References Agencies must provide at least 3 academic references of institutions to which they have sent student to (Canadian institutions are preferred but not mandatory.) Academic reference checks do not affect the membership decision. Agents.CARE collects and contacts academic references to post agents' average scores in key areas of student recruitment on the Agents.CARE website. Canadian academic institutions seek education agencies with a proven track record of working within the Canadian education system. For this reason we encourage you to provide Canadian academic references if you are able to. We hope this new member benefit will help your agency gain exposure and establish your reputation in the Canadian education sector. Agents.CARE may grant membership to agencies that cannot provide 3 references on a discretionary basis. If you are unable to provide 3 references from any country, please explain why in this form.

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