Ed-Mission 2010 – Testimonials

Dr. Paul Byrne , MacEwan University College, Edmonton
“It is a very exciting time to be in India given the enormous opportunity for the future. The warmth of the people has been heartwarming and MacEwan is very pleased with our MOU with Welingkar and look forward to strengthen our ties with India.”
Dr. Murray Lindsay, University of Lethbridge
“Education is a key priority for the Indian government. Moreover with the globalization of business and the dawn of India becoming an economic superpower, it is important for business schools to cultivate significant relationships with Indian institutions. This mission (led by C-IBC and ICE) has provided the University of Lethbridge with the opportunity to make personal connections with institutions, gain valuable insight into the Indian educational landscape and determine how best to collaborate with Indian partners in mutually beneficial ways.”
Dr. Karim Bandali, Michener Institute
“India is a dynamic place with unmistakable and significant potential. In our ever-evolving global economy it is essential that we cultivate and develop educational opportunities for the international minds of the future. The 2008 Ed-Mission is a manifestation of just such a philosophy where the objective is to build the necessary relationships to unleash the burgeoning potential of Canada and India as nations of the 21st Century”.
Dr. Grant Gardner, Memorial University
“I’ve been very pleased at the high quality of institutions we’ve met and the enthusiasm to find out more about Canada and our programs. Memorial University is very pleased at the opportunities that Ed-Mission ’08 is providing to make links with Indian students & faculty so that we can investigate ways of working together on joint research and teaching initiatives. Even though we’ve only been only 1/3 through the mission, we have already made some excellent connections”.
Keith Taylor, Dalhousie University
“India is emerging as a world economic power and its universities and colleges are developing more and more excellent research and education programs. It is very much in the interest of Dalhousie University to develop substantial long term partnerships in key areas where there are natural fits of institutional strength. Ed-Mission’08 is proving to be a valuable aid in establishing and renewing strategic partnerships”.